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Our Performance Series is the culmination of years of study, trial, and error into the
optimum blade designs for today’s martial artists. Four distinct variations are available,
each optimized for a particular discipline or cutting application. The Iaito is an unedged
training blade, available in three different lengths, for use in drawing practice and Kata. Its correctly-weighted and balanced steel blade prepares the student for advanced
work with live blades. The blade geometry and physical characteristics of each of the
Tameshigiri (cutting practice) blades are tailored towards different targets. The Elite
Katana’s blade is a little wider and a little thicker than its traditional counterpart, allow-
ing for easier cuts on normal targets, while that of the Katana XL is significantly wider ,
for use in cutting heavy targets. The Katana XL Light has the XL’s profile but is provided
with Bo-hi, reducing the weight to the point where double cuts are possible but clean
cuts on heavier targets may still be made. Look for the “PB” symbol below, it designates
blades that feature the cutting geometry of our Performance Series.

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