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During his long reign of 67 years, everything was done on a grand scale. No other pharaoh constructed so many temples or erected so many colossal statues and obelisks. No other pharaoh sired so many children. By the time he died at 90, he had set his stamp on the face of Egypt. Chronicle of the Pharaohs, Peter A. Clayton.




Rameses II with Prince Offering Cloth, Hathor Cow in Boat with Rameses II (scenes reconstructed). Tomb of Rameses II, KV 5, Valley of the Kings East Valley, Thebes, New Kingdom, Drawing/Painting Photographer/Artist, Susan Weeks.

Rameses III Censing and Libating before Ptah-Sokar-Osiris, protected by winged Isis. New Kingdom, Dynasty 20, Rameses III Original Artist/PhotographerGuiseppe Angelleli Original medium Drawing/Painting Original image sourceIppolito Rosellini. I monumenti dell'Egitto e della Nubia, disegnati dalla Spedizione Scientifico-Letteraria Toscana in Egitto. (Pisa: Capurro, 1832-44), 1:tav. CXLV.

Kent Weeks

Theban Mapping Project