Zahi Hawass

Official Website for Dr. Zahi Hawass,
Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities-Director of the Giza Pyramids Excavation

News Flash-Ramsses I Mummy to Returns to Egypt

Pyramid Builders

An ancient city and graveyard reveal that throngs of skilled citizens—not slaves—toiled over the pharaohs’ tombs. National Geographic Magazine

Egypts Forgotten Treasures

They've opened the vaults. An exclusive look at Cairo's Egyptian Museum centennial exhibit includes stunning antiquities on display for the first time ever. National Geographic Magazine

Pharaohs of the Sun

Akhenaten and his wife Nefertiti ruled Egypt just long enough to transform the empire’s religion, art, and architecture. Digs at Amarna yield clues to their enigmatic dynasty

The Sun God's Treasurer

A lavish tomb records the rise and fall of a heretical pharaoh.

Death On The Nile

Conspiracy, murder, revenge—it’s all at Saqqara, a cemetery of ancient Egypt’s rich and powerful.

Egypt's Hidden Tombs Revealed

After 2,600 years a desert oasis yields the long-sought tombs of its legendary governor and his family.